N2S-3 Stearman


Military History

The Stearman Model 75, commonly known as simply "a Stearman", is the basic military trainer biplane introduced in the 1930's and manufactured by Boeing. It served as the basic trainer for the USAAC and the USN during World War II. The Army referred to it as a "PT", The Navy as an "N2S", and the Canadians as a "Kaydet". More than 10,000 were built by the end of 1945.

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N2S-3 - Constr #: A75N1 75-4924 - BuNo: 55687 (U.S. Navy)

The known history of this aircraft is listed below.

Date Squadron Squadron Name Location
1943 Jun 30 Manufactured   Wichita, KS
Built as N2S-4 (Constr Model A75N1)
1943 Jul 5 Acceptance    
....     ....
1944 Aug Pool   NAS Minneapolis, MN
1944 Sep Pool   NAS St. Louis, MO
1944 Sep 30 Stricken from
  NAS St. Louis, MO
1945 Feb 28 Reinstated    
1945 Mar NAPT   NAS Dallas, TX
1945 Jun Pool   NAS Dallas, TX
1945 Aug 8 Pool   NAS Clinton, OK
1945 Oct 31 Stricken from
  NAS Clinton, OK
....     ....
1947     Converted to Crop Duster - Georgia
      Acquired out of military surplus
1952     Crop Duster - Alabama
1964     Crop Duster - Mississippi
1972     Civilian Ownership - Tennessee
      Converted from Crop Duster back to
      Civilian 2 cockpit configuration
1994     Civilian Ownership - Wisconsin
      "Ground Up" restoration completed
      Restored to N2S-3 configuration
      (Constr Model B75N1 equivalent)
1995     Won SRA "Best N2S" Award at Galesburg
2000 Nov     Civilian Ownership - Illinois
2003 Dec     Warbird Heritage Foundation