WHF Screensaver Help

If your screen resolution was NOT listed on the previous page, you will need to compute the Width / Height Ratio for your display.

Do this by by dividing the Width in pixels by the Height in pixels. Then, select the Build below with that Width / Height Ratio.

For example... If your screen resolution is 2560 x 1600, divide 2560 by 1600, which results in 1.6.
You will see that the Width / Height Ratio for Screensaver Build S3 below is 1.6, making that the correct selection.

Over 99% of existing displays will match one of the four Builds below.

If your Width / Height Ratio does not exactly match any of the four, then choose the closest one.

Screensaver Build S1   -   Width / Height Ratio( 1.3333.. )

Screensaver Build S2   -   Width / Height Ratio( 1.25 )

Screensaver Build S3   -   Width / Height Ratio( 1.6 )

Screensaver Build S4   -   Width / Height Ratio( 1.7777.. )