Photographer's Corner

On these pages we feature the talented photographers who make significant contributions to our web site. We have provided a photo, a brief BIO, some samples of their work, and a link to their web site or other contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with questions, or to purchase prints.

Fred Shabec

Photography and planes have been in my life since I was young. My Father always had the 8mm video camera going catching every moment, as well as a regular camera. My Uncle has his pilot's license and loved to fly. I believe my love of planes and catching them on camera came from them.

Growing up near O'Hare airport, I always loved visiting the airport and watching planes. I used to ride my bicycle by the airport to watch the planes whenever I had the chance. Also, my parents and I traveled around the country in an RV during summer breaks. I saw my first air show in New York State. It was called at that time Plattsburgh AFB, I enjoyed having F-4, and FB-111's flying around all day. I was hooked into airshows at that point.

I then joined the U.S. Navy and became a Aviation Electronic Technician for four years. I was stationed at NAS Norfolk, VA. I worked on the Sikorsky HM-53E helicopters all four years, and loved my job.

I started out with a 35mm camera and gradually moved to digital and picked up a Canon 40D. I now use a Canon 7D and the 40D at the airshows with a Canon 100-400mm lens. I have been working with Airshows for five years now. I have flown with the Golden Knights, Lima Lima Flight team, and the Aeroshell Flight team, as well as the official photographer for the All Veteran Jump team when they come to the Chicago area. I have met many performers and pilots. Besides my love of planes and photography, they are the reason I love doing this.

My work has been published on many websites including the Lima Lima flight team, All Veteran Jump team, and World Airshow News. I have also been published in magazines including the World Airshow News, AirshowStuff, and Atlantic Flyer. My photographs are on posters promoting airshows and the different teams.

Fred currently lives in Lake in the Hills, IL with his wife.

    Web Site: FJ&M Photography

   Some examples of Fred's photos:
PF_0033_0001_T.jpg PF_0033_0002_T.jpg PF_0033_0003_T.jpg PF_0033_0004_T.jpg PF_0033_0005_T.jpg
PF_0033_0006_T.jpg PF_0033_0007_T.jpg PF_0033_0008_T.jpg PF_0033_0009_T.jpg PF_0033_0010_T.jpg