Photographer's Corner

On these pages we feature the talented photographers who make significant contributions to our web site. We have provided a photo, a brief BIO, some samples of their work, and a link to their web site or other contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with questions, or to purchase prints.

David Jacobson

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of aviation. My first air show was AirVenture Oshkosh when I was a mere 2 years old. From there on I was hooked on aircraft. As a kid my dad would take me out to the airport and we would just watch planes landing and taking off. I started out loving airliners, but with time my taste got louder and faster, and now I really love military jet aircraft. I have grown particularly fond of some of the more rare warbirds, like the A-4 and T-2.

As for photography, I actually started out just shooting video of air shows in 2006, but thanks to great photo websites like Fencecheck, Jetphotos and, I always thought it looked like something I'd like to try.

So, starting in 2007, I bought a Canon XTi and a 70-300 lens and started photographing shows. Like with all good hobbies I soon became addicted to shooting air shows and started traveling all over the Midwest to shoot. I have since had many photos published and been afforded many great photo opportunities.

Besides all the fun of the shows themselves, the best aspect of a show weekend is all of the amazing people you meet and befriend during the course of an air show season.

David Jacobson lives in Rockford, IL.

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   Some of David's photos from our web site
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